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Your independent financing partner 

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Challenger of the financing intermediaries – bringing back trust and collaboration in the financing environment

We are a financing consultant which supports you at every step of the way. Due to our investment experience in the debt and private equity space, we came to the conclusion that the debt financing system was flawed and tainted with conflicts of interest so we started this journey to make a change.


Original solutions can and will be found for each borrower, regardless of market conditions


We never give up – we will find the right capital structure for you


Independent consultant that will be your partner throughout the process – we have your best interest at heart

Rosedge is your outsourced financing partner


Our offering will serve swift borrowers who are not willing to compromise. We help companies which want to have an edge on the market and do not want to waste money on subpar services.

With no conflict of interest, our sole goal is to get the best financing terms for your company. We will not compromise on what the market offers, our proposition is different: we learn about your business so that we minimize the time you have to spend on the project, we have a wide network of lenders that we approach and most importantly, we are relentless – so we will get you the right financing structure.