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We revolutionize the financing process – we are the ideal partner for medium-large companies looking for best in class financing execution with no management time wasted

Dual-track refinancing

Borrowers with EBITDA above EUR 50M looking to refinance bank club loans or unitranches

  • Dual-track refinancing with unitranche (and/or commercial bank loans) and syndicated term loan
  • New issuers have more complex stories to be told and the current market players are not well equipped to offer best in class execution

Repeat Issuers

Borrowers with EBITDA above EUR 10M looking for best in class execution at fair pricing

  • Refinancing due to: approaching of debt maturity; repayment of debt/equity bridge; or expensive debt
  • Dividend Recapitalization in order to free up owner capital
  • Acquisition financing to support M&A

Portable refinancing

Borrowers with EBITDA above EUR 10M whose owners envisage a sale process

  • Efficient and quick M&A sale process due to certainty of funding
  • Improved competitive process as a wider range of potential buyers gain access to the asset
  • Best financing terms available in the market
  • No risk of market flex

Financing for SMEs

Borrowers with EBITDA EUR 5-50M looking for support in developing suitable capital structure

  • Acquisition financing with dual-track process (commercial bank club and/or private debt funds)
  • We consult you on the appropriate capital structure to implement depending on market conditions, market comps and your financial needs
  • We execute the revised capital structure choosing the best debt partners for you



United States

Acquisition financing – privately placed unitranche. USD ~400M unitranche and delayed draw TLB



TLB add-on, efficient process with TLB pre-placed at E+425bps, 0% floor, par (from OID 50bps)



Replaced expensive bond (IPT 8.25%) with privately placed Second Lien at E+7.5%



Acquisition financing – dual-tranche TLB and bond syndication. GBP ~500M TLB syndicated. Bond pulled



Refinancing – TLB syndication process pulled and replaced with private placement with private debt lender for EUR ~400M TLB, RCF and ACF



Acquisition financing – Corporate debt with two nordic banks for bridge financing for EUR ~300M TLB, RCF and ACF